Company's History

The dream of manufacturing dairy products on a large scale and distributing them to all markets and superstores was visualized by the Brothers Juneidi, late Hashim Noman and late Hamed Noman; a brave idea that was brought forth during a period of many risks and untimely surprises.

That period was known for its lack of resources and techniques related to mass food production and manufacturing, meanwhile the traditional homemade products were more common and spread. People used to depend on expensive imported products that differ from the Palestinian consumers’ taste and tradition. This urged the Juneidi's brothers to implement their idea and turn this Palestinian dream into a reality in order to meet the customers' needs and to create high quality national food products that would surpass the imported and foreign ones.

Shortly after the first stage of the establishment of Al Juneidi Company for Dairy and Food Products, the total daily production capacity of fresh milk jumped to 5000 liters. Therefore, it became a necessity to come up with a plan to accommodate this milk quantity, in addition to larger future quantities, without compromising the high product quality. So in 1988, it was decided to establish and build a new factory, in a different location, with a total area of 4000  and a total daily production capacity of 20,000 liters of fresh milk which was to be also used in manufacturing various dairy products.

At the beginning of 1995, Al Juneidi brothers decided to upgrade and expand the Company's facilities to accommodate a comprehensive factory for the production of fresh salads packed in easy and ready to use packages. Thanks to this orientation the product varieties at the Company increased and the sales basket became complete, diversified, and recognized by the local market.

The consistent hard work in building this enterprise and promoting it to satisfy customers' needs has resulted in the transition to the new production phase with a higher capacity and more comprehensive techniques. This phase started in the beginning of 1996 with expanding all facilities and upgrading them to meet the increasing market demand for Al Juneidi Company products.

In 2002, The company inaugurated a model cattle farm to accommodate about 1200 cows on a total area of 40,000 m² as it was necessary to have a self-sufficient sustainable source of  high standard raw materials to meet  the Company's constant needs. .

Furthermore, Al Juneidi Company established Al Wefaq Farm for livestock and agricultural production to accommodate 1000 cows, at the beginning of 2005, due to the growing demand on fresh milk.

In 2012, The company inaugurated the largest agricultural project in the field of dairy cattle breeding in Palestine, through the new farm in the city of Jericho to accommodate more than 3,000 head of cattle on the land of 200,000 m².

Nowadays, Al Juneidi farms for livestock and agricultural production are considered the largest and the most advanced in Palestine, since they adopt the latest techniques in raising and milking cattle to ensure that their products comply with the health and food safety standards in the Company.

Al Juneidi Company for Dairy and Food Products, with its personnel and various events, is regarded to be amongst the leading Palestinian companies in its field. Therefore it has become known for its high reputation in and out of the homeland, as a result of its good quality products that match the consumers' taste and minds public health and occupational safety.