Al Juneidi Farm Company - Jericho

Location And Space

Al Juneidi Farm - Jericho is located at Hajaleh & Al-Zour, in Jericho City, totals to an area of 150,000m². This Farm is characterized by its plateau, and expands to about 6,000 head of cattle.

Cow Raising

Designing barns that are appropriate for cows and adapting with all 4 seasons is among the basics of general care for cattle. The special aisles are designed in accordance with proper standards and specifications to create a suitable environment for the herd. The design further facilitates the sound breeding of the cattle as well as the access to the herd for the purpose of calving, milking, and feeding.

Health and Promoted Breeds

Al Juneidi adopts the latest mechanisms in selecting breeds and upgrading them using special software in order to obtain a balanced herd in terms of disease control and milk production.

The general health of milking cows and how they are treated is amongst the core factors affecting the high quality milk production. So in order to reduce the communicable diseases that may affect the general health of cows and their capability of continuing to produce milk, special vaccination programs and vaccines are adopted.

Automated Milking

Al Juneidi Farm adopts fully computerized automated milking as a new and developed technique among the modern milking mechanisms. This technique is used as a new system to accommodate large amounts of cows and milk them for short periods many times daily. It is further featured by treating the cows in a healthy and easy manner to ensure a regular, fast, and healthy milking. The milking process can also be monitored from different locations with the ability to build comprehensive reports regarding the milk quantity for each cow throughout the year.

Herd Management

Herd management is one of the most important duties performed by the farm professionals. It is conducted by specialized engineers and technicians who set parameters and execute programs for feeding, vaccination and milking the cattle. They further  follow up on the herd in barns, and the cows’ welfare to ensure creating a proper healthy atmosphere and setting plans to rule out the economically unproductive cows then replacing them with an in-house breed of calves raised at the farm. They also work on yielding balanced quantities of milk throughout the year regardless of the cow conditions in terms of pregnancy and calving.  


A sound nutrition process starts from the stage of calves’ infancy up until they become milking cows by providing special types of fodders for each age group of herd depending on their needs.

For concentrated fodders contain several important nutritive elements that ensure the cows receive the necessary energy to build their body and produce milk. However, dry cows, or those still in the pre-milking phase, are provided with a different type of fodder that contains less nutritive elements than the fodders used in the production phase.

Fattening fodders are provided  for calves prepared for slaughtering.. Baby calves are fed with milk at their early infancy stage bearing in mind that all these fodders and feeds are added according to electronic and computerized software to guarantee accuracy and type of important nutritive elements per feed for each group.

Storage and Cooling

Since fresh milk is rich in nutrients such as protein, fats, energy, minerals, and vitamins essential for the biological mechanism in living beings, it is preserved, processed, and stored as per the highest and most accurate techniques. This is conducted through fine filtration, fast cooling to a degree that ensures its safety and storage in special cooling containers until transported to the factory.

General Cleanliness and  Sanitization?

Al Juneidi Farm is building a special internal system to be applied to all work stages to avoid critical points that can cause the final product contamination. Therefore, machinery and special materials are used in the general cleaning and sanitization processes, whether in barns, or at milking, storage and processing lines.