Dairy Production

The total area of the dairy factory is approximately 4000m² and accommodates all different production lines. They are equipped with all necessary requirements for production under the umbrella of proper health conditions and standard mechanisms.

All examinations required for testing the raw milk quality and health are conducted before delivering and storing it in the production shop tankers.

The milk is then delivered to the factory in special containers through isolated tankers specially designated for milk transportation, pumping and filtration.

Afterwards, milk undergoes pasteurization under different ranges of temperatures and periods of time by means of special machinery to ensure removal of harmful bacteria and then the preparation of milk for usage in the production of different diary products that meet the customers' tastes and needs.

After that, additives are processed and mixed to get a homogeneous product that complies with the special specifications and standards of this product.

Al Juneidi Company is distinguished for having modern handling and packaging lines to ensure the proper and appropriate packaging of the products in well maintained hygienic condition.

Finally all products ready for marketing are stored in specially equipped cooling warehouses to preserve their quality.