Production of Salads

The area of the Salad Production Factory is about 1500m² and it accommodates all production lines allocated for vegetables and raw materials needed while minding the proper hygienic conditions.

The raw materials are sorted out and then categorized in special containers and fridges to be ready for mixing and preparation.

Then, each of the raw materials, whether vegetables, legumes, or oil, is processed in a separate departments to undergo different processes starting from rinsing, sterilizing, cutting, cooking, and cooling.

 As a next step, the additives are handled according to the products nature and ingredients used in a way that would guarantee the health, safety and compliance of packaged ready to use salads with the special specifications and standards.

Packaging is an essential process due to the various types of the fresh salads nature.

Finally, readymade salads are stored minding their needs and types in special containers and fridges ensuring their quality and food safety.