Light Food Factory

In a factory of about 1000m² of area, a selection of snacks is produced. This selection of side food and traditional products comprises Al juneidi Tahini, sesame oil, tomato paste, red hot chili and dissolved Jameed.

Each of the raw materials such as sesame seeds, hot chili, tomato paste is delivered to special warehouses in order to be prepared for processing, mixing, and other additives.

Raw materials are prepared for production by being sorted out, filtered, rinsed and soaked before the production process starts.

All types of raw materials undergo a heat processing to be cooked or pasteurized to ensure its safety. Then, they are moved to the mixture and additive section to be prepared for packaging.

Most snacks produced at Al Juneidi Company for Dairy and Food Production are considered to be long term products. That is why special thermal mechanisms are used to ensure the validity of the products for a long time.

Finally, snacks are stored according to their properties and types in special containers to ensure their quality and safety.