Al Juneidi works on developing the employees' skills and building their capacities. This process starts by selecting skilled local workers and training them to apply modern techniques adopted in the various divisions of the Company; such techniques include research and development, multi-production programs and applying modern quality systems and concepts. This results in raising the general performance level, which by turn, leads to yielding a good product acceptable to the consumers.. 

The objectives of Al Juneidi Company include but are not limited to: 

» Ensuring the constant availability of dairy and food products to the Palestinian consumers so that they can do without the foreign products.

» Maintaining the livestock and developing it as an economic tributary to the homeland and citizens.

» Absorbing and developing both technical and human resources, and subsequently reducing the rate of unemployment in the Palestinian society. This also contributes to building a generation capable of keeping up with technological and professional development in Palestine.

» Assisting in developing the scientific research and total quality levels with respect to dairy and food products.

» Developing the Palestinian supplementary industries related to dairy and food products, like plastic, paper, cardboard industries, etc, through adopting those products as part of the supplementary materials of the Company’s industrial process.