General Manager's Message

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our diverse new website that reaps the fruit of continuous communication between us, in sync with these modern times. It is a great way by which we are able to extend our complete services? in the best manner possible as it was created while bearing in mind diversity and full access.

Being one of the largest national companies in the field of food industries, we have been working for several months now on providing a multi-featured website that offers easy access to answer all questions regarding the nature of our work and products.

We carry the responsibility, stemming from what we believe is our social and national obligation, to spin the national economic wheel (to boost the national economy) with the highest levels of global quality to provide the food that you love. All of this is done using a 100% local production that competes with the largest global companies in terms of technology, resources and personnel.

We have been granted many authorized quality certificates due to our continuous dedication to cope with global quality. Add to that the Palestinian quality certificates (PS:61, PS:44), certificates of good production from the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the International Organization for Standardization certificate (ISO 9001:2015).

All these accomplishments could not have been realized if it weren’t for all our employees’ efforts and dedication. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and to thank everyone who worked hard to make this company grow and develop.

We, Al Juneidi, always aspire to building long lasting relationships with our customers and our first priority of this relationship is offering the high quality products. Our aim to please and provide the customers with all their nutritional needs made us realize early on the importance of the customer as a first sampler and critic of our goods. This led us to create a new website with advanced specifications that would help us provide our services in the best way possible.