Long Life Production

   The factory of long term products is built over an area of about 2000m² designed for accommodating the production lines for milk processing, filtration, and pasteurizing throu
gh special modern machinery that functions on high temperatures. Then drinks are  packaged through the sterilized packaging lines to ensure their safety and validity for a period as long as 6 months on the shelf.

   Al Juneidi Farm for Livestock and Agricultural Production is considered to be the sole supplier for the long term products because of its guaranteed raw milk high quality in accordance with the most precise standards and technical and scientific specifications for milk production. Not to mention the milk suitability for the production of ultra accurate and sensible long term drinks.

Milk is tested and filtered in this department by means of special tools and equipment to ensure the milk is free of impurities so that it proceeds to storage and then preparation for further production phases.

The factory produces sweetened and flavored milk supported with vitamins and minerals, in addition to the Farm long term whole and low fat milk in its different sizes, to satisfy the different needs and customers’ demands of all age groups. 

   Long term products are based on the concept of high temperature processing to reach the phase where all microbes, causing contamination, which are harmful to the product and public health, are eliminated.

   Therefore, this is regarded as an important phase to preserve the product quality for a long period of time. This is conducted through comprehensive sterilization of all parts of the product by processing it in high temperatures for specific periods of time.

After the special thermal processing, the drinks are pumped into specialized and sterile machinery for packaging . All this is done in careful steps ensuring sterilizing all surfaces in contact with the products by treated air and high temperature through fast technological and After handling and packaging, products are stored in appropriate warehouses that are featured with proper hygiene and environmental conditions for their kind. They are then stored according to their date of production and categories.technical procedures to end up with a microbe-free uncontaminated drink. This ensures by turn that the product is delivered to the consumers in its best state according to the technical and technological specifications that guarantee its safety. Thus, consumers can safely store the product on the shelf and yet confidently have it with absolutely no worries about their well-being.

   It is worth mentioning that products are not distributed to markets until their incubation period is over and their lab test results are out.

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