Ramadan Iftar 2013

Al Juneidi company Organize an ramadan Iftar and evening Ramadan For the employees of the company, in the presence of the President of the Board of Directors businessman Hajj Hamed Noman al  Junaidi and his deputy, businessman Noman Hashim al Junaidi and general manager of the company, Mr. Mashhour Abu Khalaf deputy eng.Nidal Hashem al Junaidi and Managers of the company section, and after the ceremony breakfast held a special ceremony was the honoring workers who have spent more than twenty years in the service of the company.

After that, the Chairman of the Board and Vice President and General Manager and Vice President distributed prizes to the winners of the male and female employees.

As a commemorative shields were distributed to workers who have spent their work in the company for more than twenty years in addition to honor them regardless month's salary as a reward them for their efforts to advance the company.

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